No On Measure L

In February 2016,  the Board of Supervisors voted to construct a Starbucks Kiosk in the Madera County Government Building with Aramack. Click HERE and HERE to see the contracts. 

The signed agreement states that Madera county taxpayers will: 

  • Provide space for the vendor's operation at no cost to the vendor. (free rent) 

  • Provide utilities for the vendor at no cost to the vendor (free utilities) 

  • Pay the vendor an allocated amount for the vendor's IT system by providing a dedicated networking segment and phone service. (Subsidized IT, Wi-Fi and phone service)
  • Pay the vendor an allocated amount for fringe benefits and resource services for the vendors employees  (subsidized employee benefits)

  • Grant tax free status to the vendor (unfair competitive practices to other businesses) 

  • Pay the vendor an allocated charge for providing commercial liability insurance. (subsidized liability insurance)

  • Reimburse the vendor for $201,000 in equipment.

  • Make up any shortfall to the vendor if expenses are more than the gross receipts (risky investment)

​​Cronyism at 

Madera County

In addition, county taxpayers are paying $55,000.00 to get the area prepared for the Kiosk with no payback. And guess where this money came from?  It came from a tobacco tax slush fund which is another scam tax itself to bait and switch the public who think this tax is funding health related services and education programs for tobacco users. Unfortunately our county bureaucrats, just like our state and federal bureaucrats, get by with this same bait and switch tactic all the time.  

What happens to the other Coffee cafes down the street that now lose customers and don’t get the same tax breaks and fringe benefits that Aramack receives? What happens when they go out of business because of this Crony relationship between the county and Aramack?  

This is another county example of Crony Capitalism Vs. Free Market Capitalism between government and a favored business – in this case Aramack.  By exhibiting favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks and other fringe benefits that other Coffee shop business owners don’t receive, the county has strayed once again from its proper governing role and put taxpayer dollars at risk. 

The proper role of our county government is to provide safety for its citizens and make sure our laws are enforced, not be involved in running a risky business venture that favor one business over another.  If a private business wants to set up a coffee station in or by the County Government building, they should not receive any tax breaks or fringe benefits that other business don’t receive.  Free market Capitalism works because there’s an even playing field and everyone completes with the same rules.  Crony Capitalism always fails and hurts other legitimate businesses. 

This is one more example of how tax payer dollars are drained off Madera County's discretionary budget into non-essential projects instead of funding Fire and Safety.