No On Measure L

Who we are

This Website and video were developed by Madera County Residents who are opposed to higher taxes based on the core values of free-market, limited-government, individualism responsibilities rules-based capitalism. We believe this helps people at every level of society to prosper. The long-term benefits reflected by the willingness to follow these policies are reflected by their relatively high levels of economic freedom.

Government can never tax its way out of a problem. Giving more tax to bureaucrats is like giving drugs to an addict. 

Crony capitalism between government agencies and private business where governments favor one business over another, or pick winners and losers should never be supported. As an example, the counties involvement in what should be a private business enterprise such as an OHV park should be limited strictly to safety issues such as fire, law enforcement, building codes and water access, not bidding for more tax payers money from the State agencies green sticker funds which already are over regulating and taxing residents and businesses.  The OHV green sticker scam is just another example of over regulation, in this case by the California Air Resources Board.
A county Government that can’t function on an 8% or lower sales tax is a government that is over extended into areas that should be the role private business or Charities. Because of this over extension into areas that should not be the government’s role, we don’t have the money for our fire and safety personnel or equipment.
A poor county such as Madera that spends over 28% or it’s budget on welfare is a county with the wrong priorities.  

Budgeting is painful business, but Fire and Safety should always come first. Without it, no other freedoms can be enjoyed. 

The greater the freedom, the greater the wealth!
The greater the government, the greater the poverty