The solution is not that complicated.

  • If safety is our First priority as our BOS members claim, then make it first! Period!

  • Madera county needs to follow the example of the private sector and economize and live within its budget.

  • As a parent if I only make a certain amount of money, my first priority is to feed my children, not increasing their allowance or buying them a video game. 

  • This should apply to Madera county as well!  Public safety should be the number one priority, not increasing workers’ salaries by millions of dollars, paying for consultants to tell us we’re not paying our “fair share”, getting involved with off-highway vehicle parks and Starbucks Kiosks which should strictly be a free-market enterprise not the county bureaucrats picking winners and losers, putting up Madera County Monument Signs  or paying over $100K for a special election.

  • If Madera county wants to fund fire and safety, they should submit a ballot measure requiring a fixed percentage of the gross discretionary budget be allocated for Fire Safety and a fixed percentage allocated for Sheriff.

    We also suggest an audit be performed on the fire mitigation fund to find out where hundreds of thousands of dollars have been misappropriated.  

    Without public safety nothing else matters The county needs to "fix" its lack of priorities, not pick the pockets of tax payers!

Vote NO on Measure L.

Send a message to our county bureaucrats to straighten out their priorities!

Click here to download a flyer to send or give to your

friends or business partners 

here to download a flyer to send or give to friends and business partners

Other Tax Burdens and Fees for Madera Property Owners

​​​Brief Spending History

  • ​​The Madera county budget for the 2016-2017 Fiscal year is $266 Million Dollars.

  • Only 6.3 Million is spent for Fire Protection and Emergency Services (2.36% of the County Budget)

  • Between December 8, 2015 and January 16, 2016 the BOS voted to spend $4.6 Million to increase the salaries and benefits for Madera county workers – all which took effect by July 2016. 

  • For the 2016/2017 budget year millions more have been approved for salary increases and benefits

  • The BOS is spending nearly $200K for a consultant to inform residents  about this 1% sales tax increase.

  • The BOS recently approved another $311K to help kick start a 956-acre OHV Park off HWY41 west of O’Neal’s which local residents oppose.

    • Now the BOS is discussing the possibility of leasing this property for  $8/month for 6 months, then 10K a month for the next year, and then $25K a month for on-going years if this is approved.   Why wasn't this money used for fire protection? 

    • What our county bureaucrats are NOT telling you is that this project will also open up the county for massive liability claims as stated by the Madera District Attorney 

  • Currently the BOS is planning on spending more than $550K  to purchase land for a Madera County Monument sign off HWY41, and other $500K+ to erect a monument. 

  • In February 2016 the BOS voted to construct and operate a Starbucks Kiosk in the Madera County Government Center for $201K to be financed and paid back over 5 years IF profitable. The county is paying $55K to get the area prepared by taking money out of a tobacco tax slush fund.  IF the project is profitable after 5 years, the county will get a payback of 20% into the general fund. If not profitable, the county will be required to make up the difference! So we have money to pay for coffee and a risky investment that should be the role of private business, but not for more fire personnel or fire equipment! 

  • In 2016 after public outcry, a 25% increase ($97K annually) in the BOS salary was stopped!  

  • It will cost the county more than $100K just to put this Measure L on a special March 7, 2017 ballot! 

  • These increased expenditures total over 7 Million dollars. All discretionary money!

  • The proposed 1% Sales Tax increase is estimated to raise between 5-8 Million/yr. over the next 20 years,  approximately what the County has already spent annually  on increasing salaries and nonessential projects. 

The FIRST RESPONSIBILITY of the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) is to protect its citizens and provide fire, and emergency services by fully funding  fire services and the Sheriff’s department from county tax revenues. Our Board of Supervisors have done just the opposite!

  • Fire Tax Prevention Fee $150.00/Yr.

  • Madera property owners are paying hundreds of dollars/year on property taxes for School bonds and special assessments passed in previous years. 

  • Measure C, the $485 million Community College Classroom Repair and Job Training Improvements bond, passed on June 7, 2016 will increase property taxes starting in 2017. Wait till that bond hits your wallet!

  • Increasing fire personnel is no guarantee of reduced ISO ratings and lower property insurance.  ​(See additional Information on the ISO section of this website)

  • In December/2016 the BOS approved a 12% increase in the trash disposal fees for residents, a 50% increase in the North Fork Transfer Station Landfill Site, and an 80% increase in the Fairmead Landfill Site. This is on top of the 6% franchise tax fee generating $600K annually to the general fund, not going to the trash program.

  • ​In July 2017 all California drivers will be hit with a $65.00 increase/car in car registration fees and a 42% hike in gasoline taxes.   
  • The estimated increase in taxes per family is between $70-$300 per family and hundreds of dollars more when purchasing a car or piece of farm Equipment. 

  • This will impose hardships to struggling families, farmers, and seniors on fixed incomes. 

How much will this tax cost me per year?

It’s NOT lack of money  

it’s Misguided Priorities!

No On Measure L